Young & healthy

Until a very old age


C60 is a molecule with 60 carbon atoms in the shape of a basketball. C60 is a special molecule. The discoverer of this molecule was awarded the Nobel Prize for it. The special effect was actually discovered accidentally as a result of toxicity studies of C60. Then it turned out that C60 was completely not toxic and the test animals lived 2 to almost 3 times as long.

Numerous studies have further substantiated that it has positive effects for animals and plants.

If you want to wait for the scientific results in humans, you will have to wait another 200-300 years if someone wants to fund this research. So the people who don’t want to wait and want to be their own lab animal can use this product!

We know from experience that athletes experience a significant increase in their performance and endurance. Recovery time is also shorter. Runners, cyclists and weightlifters also benefit greatly from this. C 60 is permitted by the NCAA. It also has positive effects on the skin and last but not least the body’s ability to recover in general. The effect is an rejuvenation process.
Because the body can generate more energy, the body is able to recover better (see Jerry Tennant M.D .: Healing is Voltage). The anti-oxidative effect is more than 170 times that of vitamin C. It therefore also gives good protection against radiation damage. The motto is therefore: Die very young and healthy at a very advanced old age.

C60 has good antiviral and antibacterial properties. C60 removes the inflammatory components and toxins from the body, enabling the body to repair itself. C60 also activates the immune system’s stem cells. In these times of the Corona Virus, this is a very good and desirable effect to prevent the cytokine crisis that most of the victims die from.

This implies that if you want to reap the benefits of C60 you can also start thinking about what you want to do in the time that is created with this and healthy eating helps with that, because getting old with GMO and Roundup (as available in your local supermarket) is nevertheless very dubious. C60 is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything. Please visit your local doctor for this.

In 2018 NASA acquired a C60 manufacturer so that they can use C60 to protect against radiation for their astronauts and their space army.


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