Will Carbon 60 help me with my condition or cure it? What are the benefits for my health?
Although the original study from the University of Paris showed interesting results (link to study) with regard to the drastically increased life expectancy, it is good to realize that the Carbon 60 research phase. Especially with regard to the effects on human health.
Most of the studies are done by individuals who study a wide variety of conditions and health effects with the aim of obtaining more information so that it can lead to a large-scale and controlled study over time. That’s why we also appreciate your feedback during this exploratory phase, as all the data can help direct the research to where is most useful.

How can I report the results?
In an attempt to make the results available to scientists, we started with a formal database. You can help us in this effort by providing information about your experiences through complete the questionnaire: Carbon 60 research database. You can also share your experiences by sending an email to service@C60oliveoil.nl.

How much should I take?
Based on the customer feedback we recommend one teaspoon per day (about 5 ml). After taking it, you can take a few tablespoons of Kefir or yogurt.
If you have a medical condition that you want to address, consider consuming one tablespoon (about 15 ml) per day for the first month. In general, the dosage does of course influence the time course before you start to notice effects.

How is the price determined?
Our mission is to provide the best, fully saturated Carbon 60 Olive oil, with fast delivery at a reasonable price. We use the highest research quality Carbon 60 and the best organic virgin olive oil. It is packaged in a very robust package. In addition, we keep costs as low as possible to make the product accessible to as many people as possible. Maintaining these standards is expensive, but we balance this by operating efficiently and purchasing everything in bulk. This allows us to keep costs as low as possible and to pass the savings on to our customers.
There is also additional information about the proven quality and our work process.

How fresh is the oil?
Based on the regular process, the average bottle will be shipped within 3 days of completing the 2 week mixing process. To this are added a number of days for international transport and customs.

How long will it stay fresh?
When stored in a cool and dark place, an unopened bottle has a shelf life of more than two years. The advice is to use the oil within 30-60 days after opening for the best quality. Due to the properties of Carbon 60, the olive oil cannot actually become oxidized.

How do I keep it?
The advice is to keep the bottle cool and dark. Not in a refrigerator or freezer. Although cooling or freezing is harmless, the cold creates a kind of jelly blob. Bringing it back to normal temperature will bring it back to its normal consistency.

Which preparation process is used?
This oil follows the original process used for the original Paris Carbon 60 study (also known as the Baati process). For every liter of organic olive oil, 5 grams of research quality Carbon 60 with a purity of 99.95% is used. This is dried in a vacuum oven so that there is absolutely no solvent left. Subsequently, the Carbon 60 is mixed with the olive oil in complete darkness for two weeks. It is then centrifuged and filtered through a sterile filter with a 0.22 micron filter. The entire process is controlled for temperature and light exposure to ensure freshness and integrity of the product. More information can be found on the Process page.

What is the difference between research quality and industrial Carbon 60?
Ultra-pure, solvent-free Carbon 60 is used. This is known as research quality. Solvents such as Toluene, among others, are used in the production process. For the research quality, however, the solvents are completely removed, among other things by drying it under vacuum in an oven, so that it can no longer be detected. Industrial quality Carbon 60 is used in many companies because it is cheaper. However, it still contains toluene and other solvents as well as potentially dangerous levels of it.


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