Price Developments

In June 2019, our US supplier doubled prices in the short term. The price of 1 bottle went from 41 to 79 euros. That forced us to look at alternative suppliers.

We fortunately found that in They use the same C60 as our American supplier.   Naturally  they use different olive oils.  Organic Extra Virgin Koroneiki Olive Oil from Greece (No.1) and Organic Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil (No 2).  This will of course give rise to differences in taste, but no changes in the quality and effectiveness of the C60.
There are no research data on the differences in the composition of the various olive oils and their effect on life extension.

At the end of 2019, USA was able to significantly lower the prices again.   Bringing them back into the more affordable range. A bottle now costs 47.95.
All in all, the C60 from the UK has remained slightly cheaper at 45.95 per bottle because of different Tax Duties.
In 2021 Brexit has become a certainty. It is still unclear exactly how this will turn out.  Up till now, February 2021, there were no import costs for products from the UK, but that will change. We will do our best to keep the price changes as minimal as possible.

We now also carry a new product from # 3, C60 Coconut MCT Oil (150 ml) for 45,95 euros per bottle.
The coconut oil solution is particularly useful for people who have diabetes or some other form of glucose processing problem. They will not get a glucose crash. For people who follow a vegetarian diet and therefore have a reduced level of Acetyl-Carnitine, absorption with coconut oil is also easier.

In the summer of 2021 we hope to carry #4 the Sensational Austrian on the basis of pumkinseed oil.

In the longer term, it is not expected that the basic price of Carbon60 will be significantly lower. Unfortunately.


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