Carbon 60 UK #3 Magnificent Coconut



Our Coconut MCT oils are in 150ml bottles and contains 20 servings. 0.8 g of C60 per 150ml bottle with Organic Sri Lankan Coconut Oil and MCT Oil.

Currently import from the UK to the EU is impossible because of the EU attitude. We don’t know how long this will hold on.

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Product Description

Each bottle of 100 ml or organic extra virgin olive oil is fully saturated to 0.8 mg/ml with solvent-free research grade Carbon 60 (99.99% pure). Every element of the manufacturing process aims to reproduce exactly the product used in the original University of Paris study

How can I report the results?
In an attempt to make the results available to scientists, a formal database has been started. You can help with this by providing information about your experiences by means of completing a questionnaire at the  Carbon 60 Research Database . Or send an email to .

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Since the Brexit our UK supplier of C60 products has he problem that none of their products can be shipped to the EU. There is no prospect of when the EU will cease these Anti-Brexit actions.

At this moment we unfortunately have no UK products in stock any more. You can therefore no longer order these until further notice.

Fortunately, we can currently offer you the American products from